We want to take a moment to address a question that has been raised about avatars used on the Clayboard. We realize that the majority of us here at the Clayboard are here as Clay fans first, and enjoy looking at the various Clay avatar pictures. However,  we are a Yuku board and people who are members here are often members of other Yuku boards. We don't make it a habit to police avatars, other than to make sure that avatars meet our board rating.  A poster's avatar may reflect those other boards they are a member of. We don't require that someone posting here be ONLY a fan of Clay Aiken. They may be fans of other folks, as long as they are ALSO a fan of CLAY AIKEN. As long as they abide by our TOU's, come here to discuss and enjoy Clay Aiken and are respectful of him and other members then we welcome their participation here in the Clay discussions, regardless of their avatar.