The Clayboard is a place for Clay Aiken fans to meet each other and discuss the given topics. We just want to remind you that if you are going to chat, send private messages or post on the board, please do it responsibly. Be sure to carefully read the Terms of Use which emphasize maintaining your own privacy and respecting that of others. Below is a list of posting rules that will make your Clayboard experience safer and more fun for everyone.


Terms of use [TOU] The Clayboard or the Site

By posting on the Clayboard you agree to the following TOU set forth below and you explicitly waive any and all rights which would conflict with these terms, fully understanding that you may retain your rights by selecting not to use the Clayboard.

Section I

1. Your Account

a. Only ONE Yuku account is allowed per person at The Clayboard. Creating multiple Yuku accounts to create the impression that there are different people posting is considered spamming (see Section I.3.b.v. below). If a member should violate this rule, original and any alternate accounts are subject to banning or deletion without notice. However, if you wish to change your screen name, please contact an Administrator.

b. Use of your account to impersonate the staff, other members, Clay Aiken, his family, friends or associates is not allowed. One strike and you're out. Your screennames and IP addresses will be banned.

2. Limited Solicitation

Solicitation of products, services, monetary contributions, or websites, particularly those which solicit monetary contributions, memberships, and/or registrations, is allowed in accordance with the posting terms within the Clay Tix and Clay Fansite Directory forums only, but is not allowed elsewhere on the message boards. Links to unauthorized Clay Aiken-related products, including but not limited to ebay auctions, is not allowed. Exceptions may include officially endorsed charity auctions, but permission to post is required. Any other exceptions are rare and are made based on a written request by the posting author and approval by either Mamarose10 or Clayscience21. Any such solicitations or links posted without approval or that falsely claim approval has been obtained will be removed without notice. If you buy, sell or trade anything on the The Clayboard, you do so at your own risk.

3. General Posting

a. Posts must be on-topic. They must be authored in the appropriate forums and responses should be on the topic of the original post. Discussing the author of the original post or authors of any subsequent posts instead of the original topic constitutes a violation of this term. Repeat offenders may be subject to the suspension or banning of their membership.

b. Spamming is prohibited. Examples of spamming include:
i. Repeated solicitation
i. Repeated posting of the same topic in different forums (see Section I.3.a. above)
ii. Repeated off-topic posting (see Section I.3.a. above)
iv. Repeated posting in an effort to close down a thread or disrupt the overall functioning of the board
v. Posting under different screen names to create the impression that there are different people posting (see Section I.1.a. above).

c. Politics and Religion. These are two topics people have very strong feelings about and rarely agree. In order to help the board run more smoothly, discussions of religion are not allowed.

Since Clay has decided to enter into the field of politics, we will allow some limited discussion of politics, as they relate to Clay. Posters are asked to confine their political discussion directly to issues involving and relating to Clay. Generalized political discussion will not be allowed. Please remember in posting on this topic to respect the opinions of others. Do not downgrade someone’s opinion simply because you don't agree with them.

4. Respecting Clay Aiken & Others

a. Bashing (e.g., verbal attacking or name-calling) of Clay Aiken, board members, board staff or other individuals (i.e., any other person or celebrity) is not allowed. Do not denigrate people based on their race, ethnicity, religion, political affiliation, age or sexual orientation or for any other reason.

b. Respect the opinions of others and follow the CB TOU. Do not downgrade someones opinion simply because you don't agree with them. The staff welcomes you to share your suggestions for board improvements, questions and concerns about the CB TOU and staff decisions however all such communications should be civil. If you disagree with a staff decision, please feel free to PM any staff member to discuss it. Please do not shout, curse, etc. at the staff. We're all volunteers here and are doing the best we can. We also welcome constructive criticism and will consider member suggestions for improvements and changes to the board and board policies. All of the foregoing should be communicated via PMs. They should not be posted on the board and are subject to being edited by the staff when we see them.

c. Conduct yourself in a mature fashion. Continual verbal attacks, degradation, and belittling of others and their opinions is considered bashing. Do this repeatedly and you may be suspended or banned, with or without warning. Please note that excessive (constant, repeated) negative or criticizing posts may be considered either bashing or spamming (see Section I.3.b. above). We reserve the right to ban any poster who shows a pattern here or at other boards/websites of posts which indicate the poster is not a fan.

5. Respecting & Maintaining Personal Privacy

a. Posting information regarding Clay Aiken's whereabouts which are unrelated to his official public appearances, including his private residence, is not allowed. Posting such information is a serious violation of the Terms of Use and doing so may result in the permanent banning of your screen name and IP address(es).

b. Out of respect of the privacy and safety of others, do not to post real names, phone numbers, photographs, information on personal residences/workplaces, the content of private emails or Private Messages or any other personal information of anyone without their consent. In addition, do not to solicit the real names, phone numbers, photographs, addresses, or any other personal information of other members using the Clayboard or chat features.

c. In the interest of maintaining your own personal privacy and safety, do not post your real name, phone number or address on this message board or chat features. If you are under 18, do not post your picture on the site or reveal your age or share any other personal information. If you choose to share your personal information, you do so at your own risk.

6. Board Rating

a. The Clayboard is a "RATED PG" message board as we aim to be family-friendly. Please post accordingly. Our definition of Rated PG is: Parental Guidance Suggested. Depictions of sex scenes, sexual innuendo, sexual content and nudity are not allowed. Our position on keeping this message board free from these topics is rooted in the belief that these are private matters and that it is the responsibility of parents, not message board users, to educate their kids about sexuality and sexual preference. Posts with vulgar language, profanity or sexual content will be edited, deleted or moved for review by the board moderators and/or administrators.

b. You must be at least 13 years of age to be a member of the Clayboard.

7. Regarding the posting of pictures

a. Live linking [a.k.a. "hotlinking"] is not allowed. Live linking is directly posting an image from an online source that is not your own. If you want to share a picture you have seen online, you must upload it to your own server or image hosting service. Otherwise, you are committing bandwidth theft in violation of this Term.

b. Posting of images is NOT allowed, it is in violation of WireImages Terms of Use, and may charge you penalties for doing so. Abiding by the Terms of Use of any service you use in conjunction with this message board is each individual member's responsibility and the owner/staff of the Clayboard disclaim any and all liability in connection therewith.

8. Regarding Third-Party Sites

The Clayboard contains links to other Web sites controlled or operated by persons and companies other than the Clayboard Staff ["Linked Sites"]. The Linked Sites are not under the control of the Clayboard Staff and we are not responsible for the contents of any Linked Site, including without limitation any link contained within a Linked Site or any changes or updates to a Linked Site. The Clayboard Staff is not responsible for any form of transmission received from any Linked Site nor are we responsible if the Linked Site is not working correctly. We are providing these links to you only as a convenience and the inclusion of any link does not imply endorsement by the Clayboard of the site or any association with its operators. If you click on a link to another site from this message board, you assume responsiblity for viewing and abiding by the privacy statements and terms of use posted at the Linked Sites. You also assume sole responsibility for any dealings with third parties who post or are identified on this message board, including without limitation donations to fundraisers, financial or material gifts to individuals, the delivery of and payment for goods and services, and the exchange of personal information as related. The owner/staff of the Clayboard disclaim any and all liability in connection with individuals' use of a Linked Site.

9. Regarding Clay's Official Fan Club (OFC) Content

The posting of privileged information (information that is accessible to paying members only) is not allowed. To post privileged information from the Fan Club is a violation of your member agreement with it. However, members may post links to publicly accessible pages of the OFC and may also discuss OFC content. Abiding by the Terms of Use of Clay's Official Fan Club is each individual members' responsibility and the owner/staff of the Clayboard disclaim any and all liability in connection therewith.

10. Guidelines For Photoshopped Images

a. All photoshopped images should include a watermark or text embedded onto the image that states that it is photoshopped. If the image has already been created by another person, please type in your post that the image is photoshopped (ex: any image with Clay's head on a different body, etc.). If you are uncertain about the authenticity of the image, it is best not to post it. It is not necessary to put a watermark on "blends" unless the blend includes an altered image of Clay.

b. All photoshopped images must be PG. No vulgarity or sexual innuendo is allowed. Images that are beyond the PG rating will be removed. It will be decided by the staff whether the image is appropriate for the board.

c. Photoshopped images that could be mistaken as real and could result in damaging rumors and speculation are not to be posted on the board. They will be removed.

d. Please use good judgment when creating/posting photoshopped images. If you are unsure if an image is appropriate for this board, please PM a staff member before posting.

Section II

By posting at the Clayboard or using the chat function you also agree to the following:

1. Not to post messages that are threatening, slanderous, or libelous towards the Clayboard owners, staff or the members of its message board and chat communities.

2. Not to post messages that contain extreme sexual content, solicit sexually explicit photographs or text from other members or link to pornography on other websites.

3. Not to use the Private Message and/or Live Chat in violation of the TOU. Note: If you share any personal information on the message board in violation of the TOU, in the Live Chat, or through Private Messages, you do so at your own risk and the owner/staff of the Clayboard disclaim any and all liability in connection therewith. The owner/staff of the Clayboard disclaim any and all liability in connection with any action that is taken by any person posting on the Clayboard or using the Live Chat and Private Messaging features.

Section III

Please note:

Legal Disclaimer

a. The views and content expressed in posts on the Clayboard, Live Chat and Private Messaging are those of the individual person posting them and do not necessarily reflect the views of the owner or staff of the Clayboard and the owner/staff of the Clayboard disclaim any and all liability in connection therewith.

b. The Staff (Administrators, Moderators, and Hosts) on the Clayboard and Live Chat are not employees, but help manage the message boards as volunteers, their opinions are their own, and do not necessarily represent the opinions of the owner of the Clayboard and the owner of the Clayboard disclaims any and all liability in connection therewith.

2. The Clayboard staff reserves the right to take any/all of the following actions without notice:

- modify The Clayboard TOU
- delete any post that violates the TOU
- edit any post if such edit is in the opinion of the Clayboard staff necessary or desirable
- remove your posts if it is threatening, denigrating or sexually vulgar
- suspend, ban or delete your membership for violating the TOU and
- ban or suspend the membership of any member or deny the membership application of an applicant when such banning or denial of membership is in the opinion of the Clayboard staff necessary or desirable.

3. Copyright Information

Any contents of this message board that are not already copyrighted before posting here are (C) 2007 by the owner of the Clayboard ezboard message board. All rights reserved.

Section IV

Reporting Abuse:

If you have observed behavior on the Clayboard that you find offensive or in violation of these Terms of Use, please inform a staff member as soon as possible, and refrain from heightening the situation with participation. When reporting abuse, be sure to copy-and-paste the member name in your report, include the link (the complete URL line of your browser) to the offensive thread or post, and give a detailed account of your observations and interactions. Email your report to that forum's moderator(s).

If you have any questions on the TOU send a message to Mamarose10 and Clayscience21.

Thank you for your cooperation and we're glad you're here! smile.gif 

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